Trail Blazer

Cotton Silk Knotties

Set your life on fire, seek those who fan your flames - Rumi. A trendsetter true to its name, this scarf has an enticing repetition of the Fk Brand motif Aayat at the forefront in dark blue standing out boldly against the contrasting orange of the backdrop. A bold yet simplistic rendition of the brand's design sensibilities, this audacious scarf is for those who take the road less travelled by and stand out in a crowd. Created in cotton silk, this knottie is easy to wear as a head or wrist accessory or even as a Handbag accessory, this delightful Knottie is as adventurous as you can imagine.

  • Product Style No.-FKW13B
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    Preserve the beauty of your silk by storing it flat and untied.

    Avoid contact with rain, water, and other chemicals, and entrust it to a professional dry cleaner when needed.

    Please handle with care for longer product life.

    Delivered Within 7-8 working days

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    • Dimensions
      86 cm x 12 cm