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  1. Black Ceramic Bold Ring
    Black Ceramic Bold Ring
  2. Mumbai Globetrotter ring
    Mumbai Globetrotter ring
  3. Black Ceramic Classic Necklace
    Black Ceramic Classic Necklace
  4. Mykonos Adventurous bangle
    Mykonos Adventurous bangle


Step into the world of miracles with Aayat, the Farah Khan brand monogram that embodies the essence of "miracle." When you slip into an FK piece, you'll feel the magic of Aayat coursing through you – a delightful reminder that you are a walking miracle, a true Aayat in every sense.

It is a reminder to cherish the magic within you and live life to the fullest. Let the miracle within you shine bright for all to see – because you are Aayat, and miracles are meant to be celebrated!

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