Carry Your Luck charm

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The Turtle Charm signifies wisdom, experience, longevity and perseverance.
For the patient one who believes in the universe’s long – game strategy,
for the one who has a clear picture of their goal and never wavers off the long and winding path
and for the one who is calm, determined and believes that the journey is as important as the destination –
the Turtle Charm is a perfect match.
Let the lessons of life be the gift of wisdom that is bestowed upon you and your love ones
charm is designed with our brand motif- Aayat, crafted in 18kt
yellow gold and set with white diamonds.

  • Charm in 18K Yellow Gold
  • Diamond
  • Made in India
  • Product Style No. FKCH639
  • BIS 100% Hallmarked Jewellery
  • All Farah Khan Jewellery pieces are unique and made to order. The weight, size and carat weight of each piece can vary slightly from one creation to another.
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Delivered Within 23-25 Working Days

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  • Charm ( 18KT VS-GH )
    Gold weight in 18KT ( 2.19 Gm )
    Diamond ( VS-GH )
    Dimension (in mm) 27 x 9
    Diamond weight (in carats) 0.14
  • Charm ( 14KT SI-IJ )
    Gold weight in 14KT ( 1.8 Gm )
    Diamond ( SI - IJ )
    Dimension (in mm) 27 x 9
    Diamond weight (in carats) 0.14